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> Today's Sprint wireless system grew out of a simliar

> microwave

> communications sytem built by the Southern Pacific

> RR. SP had extra

> capacity, so it started selling time on the system

> to businesses

> along its routes. Sprint itself was originally

> owned by SP, but SP

> sold it because they realized that it would need

> more investment to

> compete than SP could put into it. (Not so long

> ago, SP was one of

> the nations more innovative RRs, believe it or not!)


I recall talking to folks at Union Pacific about
'doing something' with their network and capacity gosh
that must have been mid-late 90s. A friend worked for
Drew Lewis, then UP chairman & CEO, but it never quite
got anywhere. But see

Union Pacific Heads Down Telecom Track

By Jeanie Stokes

from the January 22, 2001 issue of Broadband Week

Union Pacific Corp., the largest U.S. railroad, is
looking at its 33,000 miles of track rights-of-way as
a telecommunications resource these days. The
Omaha-based company has formed a new unit, Ekanet, to
leverage those assets for wireless and broadband


In fact, Union Pacific already owns and operates one
of the nation's largest private telecom networks: its
point-to-point microwave and wireless communications
network used to track train movement across the
western and central United States Hautanen says.



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