Class A Roller Bearings

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Clever! I wonder if this is what is meant by the term, "cannon axle
boxes", which I've seen used in the context of steam loco roller
bearing applications? It also helps the lateral loads on the
bearings when the axle is tilted crosswise relative to the loco
frame, as when running track with longitudinal twists (or varying
cross levels).

Its similar to the "full floating" rear axles found (or found at one
time) on heavy trucks, etc. There, they were intended to keep the
wheel from falling off if the axle shafts broke (as they still
sometimes do on heavy trucks).

I wonder if the reduced maintenance was worth all the installation
effort? Roller bearings in these applications had to be so strong
just to absorb the usual loads and shocks that this extra effort
might well have gone unrewarded.

pete groom

On Apr 8, 2007, at 6:12 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

"Can anyone on the list enlighten a couple of NWHS
members regarding how the first style of driving axle
bearings worked on the Class A?"

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for or if it will come
through. I found this in the Feb.1940 N&W Magazine. pdf file attached
Jimmy Lisle

[pdf file on web site at: ]

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