1907 - The Situation Now Relieved

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Roanoke Times - May 3, 1907


Work at Little Otter River Strenuous -- Ten-Inch Pipe is Now Through

For five days and nights those who set themselves to relieve the
situation at
Little Otter, caused by the cave-in of a large cement culvert, thus damming the
Little Otter creek, have led a very strenuous lift.
Not until yesterday afternoon was there a chance for a pause in the fierce
work that was being done to clear the fallen cement and earth that the
accumulating waters above might be let through. For several days and nights one
of the Roanoke fire engines has been at work pumping the water over the
embankment and letting it play on the fallen debris below. Through that and
other sources by yesterday morning the height of the water had been
lowered from
30 to 20 feet. While the engine pumped three steam shovels were at work on the
upper side of the fill and the same time a 10-inch pipe was being
forced through
the culvert and when the scene was visited on Wednesday by a Times
reporter this
pipe had been forced 90 feet.
At about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon as the score of men were at work
driving the pipe, the resistance began to grow less and less. Then it was known
the hours of struggle spent in accomplishing this feat were at an end. The pipe
is through and the four mile lake which had formed above the fill will soon be
part of the Atlantic. The Roanoke fire engine will remain, however, to aid in
removing the tons and tons of dirt that yet encumber the stream.
Some days will be required to make a complete opening for the
construction of
a new culvert, and, as was stated in yesterday's Times, it is thought
that fully
five months will be consumed in repairing the damage and getting the
road bed in
perfect shape.

- Roger Link

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