How can I get NS information.

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You might try the Website have quite a few NS districts
that may include yours.

Also, they show links to other Websites such as and that may have the info you're looking for.


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Subject: How can I get NS information.

> I am writing for advice on how to get NS information that will not get me

> arrested or put under surveillance by Home Land Security.


> I would like to obtain current information on NS train movement thru the

> city and county of Durham, NC. I want to do a little train watching from

> western Durham and eastern Orange counties. Much of that is rural and pretty

> countryside that offer some scenic opportunities. Traffic is east - west and

> is an Amtrak route, but I don't know how much freight traffic there is. Now

> I don't mind sitting in the woods all day, but it would be more enjoyable if

> I knew when to expect something to come along and know what it is.


> I am a middle aged, over weight white boy, who is only a danger to himself

> and not the railroad.


> Any suggestions on where is can get this information?


> Appreciate it,


> Chuck

> Bahama, NC.


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