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If you have a relative who has passed in WV, you might
try the following link

You can choose the type of record from this page. The
choices are Birth Death and MArriage.

These records are dated for each county. For example,
Raleigh County Wv has death Records from 1917 to 1956.

IF a person is looking for a death cert of an
individual, and they were a former Virginian employee,
they can be found there provided that they have passed
within the time frame that is provided at that site.

Hope this helps.

BY the way, this service is free as it should be....

Mark Combs
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Brenda & Aubrey,

The railroad does not release employee records due to
privacy laws.Frankly, the Society does not want the
responsibility for securing suchrecords either.

The Norfolk & Western Magazine published listings of
retirees upuntil sometime in the early 60s.

The Railroad Retirement Board will conduct a
genealogical scan
of its records PROVIDED THAT the retiree is deceased.
Cost of
this service is $21 whether or not they develop any
Address requests to:
Office of Public Affairs
Railroad Retirement Board
844 North Rush Street.
Chicago, IL 60611
Including the retiree's social security number will be
a big help.
Additional information is available at

Good luck with your search.

Ron Davis

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Do any records exist on N & W Railroad workers from
abt. 1912-1925? My great grandfather Thomas Moore was
an employee of N &W at Devon & then Thacker, WV. Tom
died in 1925 according to histombstone in the cemetery
at Devon, WV but I have been unable to locate adeath
certificate for him. Hoping that any employee
recordssurviving might shed some light on him and his


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Time is slipping away and we have changes in our
lives daily. Amongthose changes are the loss of the
men who made railroad history and gavetheir own
railroads their appeal. My project is to recognize as
manyof the people who helped give the Virginian
Railway its characterthat I can.

With this in mind, I hope you like this idea I
have had andwill come on board to help. I have
created a web site which I call,“Virginian People.”
With it I want to show the faces of asmany Virginian
people as possible, with brief snippets of their
railroadaccomplishments. The link is below.

Please take a look at it and if you know of someone
who should beincluded, please get their picture and
contact me for details for how tohave them included.

Aubrey Wiley

You are welcome to visitthese links but they are
still underconstruction.

HomePage- copy and paste

Model Railroad Page - copy andpaste


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