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Roanoke Times - June 16, 1907

Captain W. G. Stuart, who has been connected with the construction of
the Tidewater railroad west of Roanoke since it was first projected, was in
the city yesterday on business connected with his company.
Captain Stuart says that the road is now completed to Herndon, W. Va.,
and that by the first of October they will be running trains into
Princeton. Commencing at Roanoke the tracks have been laid as far as
Lafayette and by the first of September trains will be run west from
Roanoke as far as the east end of Alleghany tunnel.
Concerning the damage done his road by the recent high waters and heavy
rains, Captain Stuart says that it was not as great as at first reported
and as feared. The most serious damage was at Ingleside, where the fillings
of the Tidewater were washed on the tracks of the Norfolk & Western. This
was very unexpected and every precaution to prevent such an occurrence had
been taken by the company.
Captain Stuart thinks that Princeton W. Va., is one of the coming towns.
While it has not been determined what shops will be located there, it is
generally believed that it will at least be a division headquarters and
this has started activities in all lines. There are thirty five building
now under process of construction which includes a large three story hotel
which is being built by Ridgeway Holt, formerly of the Yellow Sulphur
Springs. There is great activity all along the line of the new road and if
there is no let up in the present progress begin made in construction the
road will be completed and operated by the first of the year or early in
the spring at the outside.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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