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Unless there's been a change in recent years, trains come off the old Virginian line at Abilene, several miles west of Virso.

Sam Putney
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The line from Lynchburg to Brookneal is part of the original Lynchburg and Durham line which became the N&W Durham District. This line is still active carrying coal to the power plant at Hyco, NC but is out of service south of that point.

The Pamplin to Abilene section was completed in 1916 as part of a Burkeville to Pamplin "low-grade" line by the N&W. Eastbound trains on the former VGN mainline cross over to this low grade line at Virso and follow it to Burkeville to join the original N&W mainline to Norfolk. The VGN line east of Virso has been long gone but you can still see the grade in many places, especially in Victoria.

The former Southern Railway parallels the N&W low-grade line between Virso and Burkeville on its way between Richmond and Danville, VA.

The original N&W main line between Burkeville and Pamplin through Farmville was pulled up last year.

Ron Davis

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Hello everybody

I live in England, but I visit Virginia from time to time. I have become interested in the VGN as a result of looking for somewhere to locate a fictional transition-era shortline.

I have been trying to trace the line of the VGN on modern maps, and I have come up with a couple of questions. Perhaps somebody here will know the answers.
1.. There was (maybe still is) a line running from Lynchburg south to Brookneal, where it crossed the VGN and continued south. Was this a Southern or an N&W route? (I have seen it described as both on the web.)
2.. There is (still) a line connecting Pamplin with Abilene, which I belive originally belonged to the N&W. Does anyone know when this was built? I have examined a Southern map of 1895 which doesn't seem to show it (but of course might not do so anyway).




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