N&W mini-meet at Boyce, Virginia, on Saturday, August 11.

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Tue Jul 10 09:14:33 EDT 2007

July 10, 2007

Hello, all:

Please mark your calendars for a N&W mini-meet at the
former N&W Railway station, Boyce, Virginia, milepost
H46-1, on Saturday, August 11. You may come earlier
in the day for some railfanning on the Hagerstown
District or watching CSXT traffic at Shenandoah
Junction about 30 minutes to the north. Complimentary
hot dogs, beef burgers, will be on the grill between 4
and 7 PM. Condiments and sodas are also free.
Meanwhile, the N&W chatter and banter is encouraged;
horseplay and Rule G infractions aren't. If you
missed last year's open house before and after the
Strasburg convention, here's your make-up date!

There is an outdoor electrical outlet for plugging in
laptops or radios in the parking lot. Wireless
Internet access is available, but you'll need to get
the encryption key via prior email.

For those wanting to stay until dusk and into the
evening, there will be a digital slide show of railway
photos. If you have some good N&W material to share,
I'll get you on the agenda. The evening will likely
conclude around 11 PM.

Anyone interested in camping outside overnight is
welcome; just let me know that evening. Toilet
facilities will be unlocked for the use of those who
stay. Motels are available at Winchester, but I
suggest making a reservation now since mid-August is
back-to-college for nearby Shenandoah University.

Hope to see you next month,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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