1907 - Virginia Railway has been sold

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Roanoke Times - July 11, 1907


Control Passes From Rogers and Standard Oil to Philadelphia Syndicate

Richmond, Va., July 10 -- Special -- According to a well defined
rumor in financial circles the Virginian Railway Company, formerly
the Tidewater, has passed from the control of the Standard Oil
Company and H. H. Rogers, and is now owned and controlled by a
Philadelphia syndicate. This syndicate, it is said, is not the United
Gas Improvement Company, which is a branch of the Standard Oil, but
is an independent syndicate of capitalists organized for the purpose
of taking over the railway and letting the Standard Oil out. It is
believed that the syndicate intends having a terminal in Richmond. It
is said that plans for bringing the line into Richmond are already on
foot. It is also rumored that the Virginia railway has acquired the
Tidewater and Western, formerly the Farmville and Powhatan, a narrow
gauge line, and will use the bed of this line as a part of route to Richmond.


Comment: Once again speculation and misinformation abound in the
early 20th century.

- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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