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I did not have the privilege of hearing Mr. McClure's presentation, nor do I know the basis for his conclusions, but I question whether H. Reid's The Virginian Railway (Kalmbach Publishing, 1961) is really all that rare. A few years back when I bought it, I thought that it might be, but I see it all the time at railroadiana meets, occasionally at local used bookstores, and under multiple (and quite reasonable) listings with booksellers registered with abebooks.com, bookfinder.com, etc.

Now here is a book that is truly rare and/or in high demand: Mason Y. Cooper's Norfolk & Western's Shenandoah Valley Line. That sucker is scarcer than hen's teeth and pricey when you can find it.

- Rob Wimbish
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When I attended the Convention in Bluefield this year, Bill McClure mentioned how rare the Virginian Railway book by H. Reid is. After listening to his talk on the Virginian, I thought I would like to get one, so I checked on a site I was told about that has all kinds of out of print books available. Sure enough, they have not just one, but several! The site is http://www.abebooks.com/.

Rick Musser


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