Thanks for the great assistance with my inquiry on the N&W in Petersburg

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I was born and raised in Petersburg, VA, and now live in Sterling, VA. I might be able to give you some info that you might not find anywhere else. As a teenager, I and a few cousins would walk down the track to the station in Petersburg, throw ballast into the river, grab a cone of ice cream at the station, and then watch different J engines pull the eastbound and westbound Pocahontas' into town.

Frank Jefferson

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I just wanted to express my appreciation to?those who took their time to help me out: Jeff Morfit with his good suggestion for using local resources like libraries and historical societies, Ron Davis for the heads up on what the valuation map status is at the Archives, Ted Cutler for?his maptech link -- so?useful to get "the big picture," and the incomparable Harry Bundy?for some inside dope on Petersburg and the railroads that?ran through it.? Joseph Cotton indeed!? My thanks to you all.


Hilary Smith

Vienna, Virginia

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