1907 - Reported Sale of the Virginian Road is Disbelieved

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Roanoke Times - July 13, 1907

Reported Sale of the Virginian Road is Disbelieved

Portsmouth, Va., July 12. -- Raymond Dupuy, vice-president and
general manager of H.H. Rogers' Virginian Railway Company, left
Norfolk yesterday, and therefore nothing official could be had at the
general offices of the road, either confirming or denying the rumor
that the road has been sold to a Philadelphia syndicate.
That rumor is prevalent in Philadelphia and newspapers there have
been asking their correspondents here whether the story is well based.
Employees of the railway in question, who talked of the report,
said that they had seen nothing which appeared to indicate that there
has been any change of ownership, and they all said that they did not
believe there was anything in the story.
There have been many similar rumors, each of which has turned out
to be false, that whenever a fresh one is carried to the Virginian
people they begin to laugh as soon as the budget is opened. This last
rumor, however, is a very circumstantial one and certain phases of
the story appear to give it more color than any similar emanation in the past.
The fact that the news first came from Richmond, however, did not
strengthen the story, it being asked how it should come about that
Richmond, through which the line does not even pass, should know more
about the road than does Norfolk, where the general offices are.
When Henry H. Rogers was at Norfolk on April 27 last he said that
he would take a more active interest in the management of the
Virginian road than he had done in the past and expected to come here
frequently to see how things are getting along. He at that time gave
evidence that the construction and operation of the road was a work
in which his whole heart was enlisted.
It was said by skeptics a couple of years ago that the road would
never be completed, and that should it be would be sold to the
Pennsylvania railroad interest should that interest offer
$100,000,000 for the property, which it was then estimated would cost
to complete about $50,000,000. Financiers laughed at this story then
and some very sound ones laughed today when they talked of the latest
rumor, and they declared that it was but another crop of the same
sort which has been marketed every week or so for several years while
the construction of the great line proceeded.


As we all know today, this was all false rumor.
53 years would pass before The Virginian Railway would be sold to
another great Virginian railway.

- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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