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Fri Aug 24 12:19:47 EDT 2007

Interesting story - especially for November 1958. I
thought Smith yanked all the steam off the passenger
trains that summer.

The date makes the photo all the more important. That photo would
make a great story for The Arrow.

Before the passenger GP-9's could be delivered late in '58, ACL or
RF&P called their E units home because of the beginning of the
Florida vacation season. This was a narrow window of time.

I remember a Shenandoah Division passenger conductor working 1 & 2
telling me about a night that to his surprise the eastbound Powhatan
Arrow pulled into Roanoke next to his train with a J instead of a diesel.

And it was actually in Saunders time that the J's were abruptly
janked off passenger trains.

Rick Morrison

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