1907 - Tidewater Not Out of Business

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Roanoke Times - August 27, 1907


But Dame Rumor Would Have It That Way

Rumors were rife yesterday to the effect that the Tidewater is
about to close up office. Report had it that the company is
discharging its working force and that for the present, at least,
there will be no more construction work, and that the road, which now
is practically completed, will not be completed. It is really
wonderful where such reports start, when there is absolutely no
foundation for the thought of such thing.
The Tidewater, or more properly, the Virginian, has pushed its
construction with wonderful speed, stopping neither for rain or snow,
nor bruit of rumor. Men who are intimately connected with this
railroad laughingly remarked, when approached yesterday as to this
report, that if the Virginian is going to close up operations they
know nothing about it. One of these gentlemen is actively engaged in
the construction of the road which rumor would put out of operation
and this gentleman was Mr. Johnson, of MacArthur Brothers. Mr.
Johnson, who can speak authoritatively from the fact that his firm
are among the biggest contractors along the line of the Virginian
railroad, stated last night that the line will be completed by the
last of the year, that many of the tunnels are already finished, and
that many miles of track are all ready for the trains.
It is true, said Mr. Johnson, that many forces of men are being
daily discharged, but that is for the reason that each day the road
is rapidly approaching completion, and that in many places only the
track has to be laid, that the heaviest work has been done. The
forces of men along the Virginian are being paid off and discharged,
but it would not appear that this is so because the road is going out
of operation, but rather that is is nearly completed. Trains now run
from this city as far as Elliston.


"But Dame Rumor Would Have It That Way". Dame appears to be what
the paper printed. Doesn't appear to end in 'n'.....

- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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