2007 Convention

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Sun Sep 16 16:01:18 EDT 2007

Frank, Bucky, Ed and others have addressed the subject of the NS steam program question and issue. I won't dwell on that...like so many things I loved, it's history now.

I do want to say that during David Goode's tenure, NS was very supportive of our organization in a number of ways, some more visible than others. That would not have been the case without his blessing. He met with your officers several times and listened to explanations of our programs and our vision. It is not only fair to say, but it is accurate to say he was, and is a friend of our Society. And as Ed King has pointed out, Wick Moorman continues that legacy.

After asking him to speak at each of the last few Conventions, we were very pleased that David made a point to attend our Bluefield gathering. He delayed joining his wife on a business/pleasure trip to England to be with us; he left the next morning for London. By any measure his leadership of NS was extraordinarily successful and we felt fortunate that he joined us.

Bill McClure

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