N&W 160 - 60' RPO car acquired from the Fisco in 1967

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Very interesting, Frank. I had no knowledge of these cars at all, and am
happy to add them to my passenger car roster. As to the late purchase,
did anyone know then what the USPS was going to do? Presumably N&W still
had RPO contracts on the ex-Wabash lines as well as their own main line.
BTW, they bought back the car they had sold to FEC. So go figure! I seem
to remember that New Haven picked up some Santa Fe RPO's about the same
time. Jim Nichols

NW Mailing List wrote:

>Bill Pollard reports that one or two newly converted

>(ca. 1962, Springfield, MO, shops) Frisco 60-foot RPO

>plus 9 foot storage mail cars, Frisco #2055 and 2056,

>were sold to N&W sometime after the Birmingham &

>Memphis RPO was discontinued on August 19, 1967,

>possibly after October.


>A photo of N&W 160 is attached -- this being one of

>the former Frisco cars. Surely that is one of the

>last RPO roster additions of any of the railroads, and

>the need for N&W to make such a transaction at that

>late date in 1967 when the Norfolk & Cincinnati RPO

>days were also numbered is unknown. Further, N&W had

>sold a RPO to the Florida East Coast Railway at that

>time, so it's unclear why it sold a car then turned

>around and bought a similar one.


>If anyone has thoughts about this situation, kindly

>copy Bill Pollard at arkrail at sbcglobal.net on your

>reply. If you cannot view the photo, please send and

>email to f_scheer at yahoo.com and I'll attach it to a



>Best wishes,


>Frank Scheer





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