Willipus Wallipus

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The Friday, January 23, 1998 Volume VI, Number 152 issue of The Morning Mail
(Published week day mornings by Heritage Publishing 330 Lyon, Carthage, MO,
H.J. Johnson Proprietor) has a reference to an 1897 newspaper article
regarding a lawsuit dealing with a Willipus Wallipus which is described as a
road rolling machine.


I also note that Dunbar Cave in Tennessee has a formation named Willipus

The Willipus Wallapus (or variations on that spelling) is also featured as a
mythical beast in childrens stories and poems.

Bob Huston

----Original Message-----

Roanoke Times - November 26, 1907

Pocahontas News

Work on the streets is progressing slowly on account of the bad
weather. The Willipus Wallapus has arrived, but is unable to roll the
streets on account of the mud.


Guessing that "Willipus Wallapus" was some type of heavy steam roller
for street construction / maintenance?? Google was stumped.


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