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> It is said that the topography of the Bermuda Hundred section is favorable for bridging the James River at that point, and it is believed here that track of the Tidewater company finally will come into Newport News.

Will Page was a shrewed ole businessman. I have seen accounts in other WV newspapers of the era that suggest that he attempted to whip saw Norfolk and Newport News back and forth in order to gain ever greater concessions and considerations for his Railway.

I am not sure the VGN bought the above road, perhaps there was an exchange of money for future considerations such as First Refusal et al.

There is a wonderful map that the VGN submitted to the ICC in the Teens which showed that they had surveyed a couple of routes across VA and that they had run a survey through the Peninsula to N.N.

Ahhh, the What Ifs and Might Have Beens

Tom Salmon

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