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Not within the time frame Marty Flick requested, but in the
70's, N&W 101 was assigned to the Resident Vice President
at Norfolk, H. E. Carter. If he had to attend a meeting in,
say Roanoke, the 101 would be attached to the rear of an
abbreviated hopper train (100 cars or so). Mr. Carter had
quite an attraction for the 101. It allowed him to critique
conditions of the track (he'd risen to VP through the Main-
tenance of Way Dept.).

It was usually spotted near the passenger station at Lamberts
Point. The 101 became somewhat of a blemish on N&W.
A democrat seeking to be Governor of the Commonwealth
ran on a campaign of "keep the big boys honest' (or something
similar). Unannounced and without permission, he boarded
Mr. Carter's business car to show the public how "the other
half lived". After that, the 101 was transferred to Roanoke and
would be deadheaded to Lamberts Point when needed.
Harry Bundy

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