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Will Push Big Sandy Extension to Early Completion
Last winter the contractors on the Naugatuck extension of the Norfolk and Western and the contractors on the main line doing double tracking were restricted and were only allowed a certain sum each month. The restrictions have continued up until this time, and all work that was not absolutely necessary to do has practically been stopped. All of the heavy cut work has been cut down and some of the larger contractors have not been allowed enough to keep their entire plants in operation.
A rush order has now been issued to the contractors and they are instructed to employ all the men obtainable, not only on the Naugatuck extension, but on the double tracking as well.
Walton & Company, who have the contract for several miles of the double tracking east and west of Williamson, and who have been working a small force since the restriction order will now increase their force as rapidly as possible. The tunnel about two miles west of Williamson which was driven into the face of the mountain last winter, will now be driven through and a large force of men will be put to work on it in a very few days.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
September 23, 1904

Gordon Hamilton
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