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I remember seeing Car 102 parked in Bluefield in the late 1960's.

Allen Evans
Federal Way, WA

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Car 102 was at Bluefield at least from 1946 to 1952 (and probably after
that). This is the time frame when I saw her daily. Jim Nichols

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I was wondering if any information
exists regarding the assignments of N&W's business car fleet? Any
information would be appreciated, but right now I am specifically
curious about cars 101, 102, and 300 during the 1940's and early
1950's, prior to their rebuilding and modernization in about 1955. I
believe the N&W Color Guide lists 102 as being assigned to the
Western Division Superintendent at Bluefield, but it doesn't specify
during which years. Also, when did 300 receive the names Exporter
and Roanoke?

Marty Flick

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