Deepwater in 1904 -- Newport News

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Disbussed [sic] Advisability of Locating Terminals at Newport News
Newport News, Va., Nov. 11 -- William N. Page, chief engineer of the Deep Water [sic] Railway Company, E. W. Knight of Charleston, W. Va., and William J. Payne, president of the local railway line, were in conference here. While those interested refuse to say anything for publication it is known they called in L. B. Manville, Superintendent of the Old Dominion Land Company, and former Mayor A. A. Mom [?? the surname was blurred]. It is believed that the conference was for the purpose of discussing the advisability of locating the eastern terminal of the Deep Water [sic] Railway in this city.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 12, 1904

[If this account is true, does it mean the Deepwater seriously considered locating in Newport News, VA?]

Gordon Hamilton
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