N&W in 1908 -- Train wreckers

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 20, 1908

Norfolk & Western Will Prosecute Men Captured by Conductor Feigley to Full Extent of Law
Norfolk and Western Conductor Feigley, of Portsmouth, Ohio, succeeded in arresting three would-be train wreckers near Williamson Monday despite the fact that all of them showed fight.
The men, two of whom had at one time been in the employ of the Norfolk and Western, but who had been discharged for an infraction of the rules, asked him if they could not take a ride. He refused them, but by some means they hopped on the train when he was not looking. When the train got under a full headway, the men applied the emergency brakes, which had the effect of pulling the freight in two, and throwing the conductor nearly through the caboose. As soon as the train came to a stop the three men jumped from the train and started to run away. Feigley called on them to stop and when they did not obey, he fired a couple of shots after them. This had the desired effect, and they waited for him to come up, each having a brick in his hand. Feigley, however, leveled his gun on them and marched them single file to the caboose. They were taken on to Williamson and turned over to the authorities. All will be prosecuted by the Norfolk and Western to the full extent of the law.
[Outlaws, vigilantes and guns! More of the Wild West, as in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia]

Gordon Hamilton
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