Bluefield Allen St.Pedestrian Overpass removed

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Sun Oct 5 13:23:13 EDT 2008

Actually, that overpass was slated to be removed several years ago due to
deterioration. B&B and the Signal Dept. had a bit of a pissing match as how
to do it. B&B said they couldn't remove the bridge until the signals were
moved and Signals said they couldn't cut in the new signals until the
bridge was removed. A new back to back signal for Main 1 was installed
under the bridge a few years ago but the old signals for Main 2 were still
on the bridge. Our gang installed the new cantilever signal early this
summer and it had to wait until the overpass was removed to be cut in.

Larry Stanley
Lead Signalman, Gang 677

> Gordon's vintage article about Norton reminded me that I had forgotten

> to report that the long-closed pedestrian overpass at Allen Street in

> Bluefield was removed last week. The signals that were mounted on it

> have been replaced with a new cantilever signal.


> I believe the pedestrian bridge was one of the clearance impediments

> against double stacks and thus became a victim of the Heartland Corridor

> improvements.


> Joe Sha

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