N&W Passenger Cars

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Fri Oct 24 19:58:31 EDT 2008

Please - maroon, schmaroon - I'm sure the color of the N&W passenger
cars was Tuscan to begin with, but by the time they arrived in Maine,
the color was closer to B&M maroon - or burgundy - or reddish purple.
Please remember that my inquiry was about the cars themselves, not the
color. I am not qualified to be an N&W rivet counter. By the way,
whatever the original color, it was most handsome!!!!! Thanks much for
publishing my inquiry.

Ron Palmquist

> I thought N&W cars were painted Tuscan Red not maroon.? In reading some

> earlier threads, was anything ever done about trying to acquire a copy or

> spec of the color chip the Pullman Library has in Chicago????Thanks!

> Charlie

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