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Why did they decide to abandoned just that section and not the whole line?

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The following information is found in “The Atlantic and Danville Railway Company; the Railroad of Southside Virginia” by William E. Griffin, Jr.
A petition to abandon the track between South Hill, VA and Blanche, NC was filed on December 4, 1980. The ICC approved the abandonment petition on March 25, 1982 and the track was abandoned on June 1, 1982. 
On October 15, 1988 a petition was filed to abandon the track between South Hill and Lawrenceville.  The petition was granted by the ICC on February 3, 1989.  The last trip over the line was on March 15, 1989.  The abandonment was officially exercised on April 1, 1989 and the rails were removed within a year.
Skip Sledge
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