N&W in 1908--Hopping a train

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 11, 1908

N. D. Hagy, of Graham, lies at the point of death at the Miners Hospital at Welch as the result of a most peculiar accident. Hagy was riding on freight train No. 84 yesterday afternoon and at Hemphill, about 4 o'clock, in some way fell or was knocked from the train while it was running at the rate of 15 to 20 miles an hour. No one witnessed the accident, but later Hagy was found lying beside the track, impaled upon a sharp pointed scantling.
The man must have been thrown from the train with a terrific force, as the stick upon which he fell entered his rectum and was forced up into the body, tearing a large wound. The wound was so bad that it was not thought last night that he would recover from the accident.
It is not thought here that Hagy attempted to jump from the train, as he was evidently on his way to his home at Graham. He was picked up and carried to the Miners Hospital which is but a short distance from where the accident occurred.

Gordon Hamilton
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