NS Chairman offers $1 million to museum

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Ain't gonna' happen! You'll need a LOT more money to make that go.

And don't hold your breath for NS to do it. Not as long as we have
lawyers getting rich suing companies when people stub their toes on
company property.

I think you are making reference to the derailment of 611's train
at Juniper and I'll agree that resurrecting 611 will never happen.
I'm no barrister, but my understanding is that there is no limit that
railroad employees can sue for. The Petersburg trainmaster was
injured at Juniper -- and never sought a dime. One of my acquain-
tences from the old NS broke an ankle, got the Portsmouth lawyer,
and received a 7-digit settlement -- that's more than Railroad
Retirement pays me in a month.
Harry Bundy
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