Virginian in 1908--Princeton sees the cars

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 24, 1908

Princeton Sees the Cars

Princeton saw its first regularly scheduled passenger train on Sunday [Nov. 22, 1908] and the whole town, men women and children, turned out to do honors to the occasion. The large lot near the depot was crowded and a large number of people hired rigs and drove to Kegley so they could come in on the cars. Flags, bunting and banners were thrown into the air and every form of enjoyment which is at all practicable in Princeton on a Sunday was entered into with zest. Flags decorated the stations along the line and hundreds of people got on the train and rode a short distance when the train was making its return trip.

[I think that this paints a good image of the celebration that must have involved most of the towns folk. Remember that the area which became Bluefield had passenger service from 1883 whereas Princeton, the county seat, had to wait until 1908 for its passenger service.]

Gordon Hamilton
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