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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 27, 1908

Of Track to be Laid Before Virginian Railway is Completed

Only nine miles of track must be laid before the Virginian, Henry H. Rogers' new trunk line through Virginia, will be completed to tidewater. This is shown by reports of the contractors which have been received at the general offices of the line at Norfolk, covering their work up to last Saturday night, November 21.
The management expects that four more miles will be completed this week and by Saturday next the gap will be but five miles long. This uncompleted mileage practically lies east of Roanoke, but some of it is upon the New River bridge upon which great structure work is now progressing very satisfactorily, as also is that upon the erection of the steel superstructure of Sewell's Point pier.
It is also said at the general offices that there is nothing in the reports which have been printed up the road that the shops of the eastern division would be located at Altavista or Roanoke, instead of at Victoria and further, that they are still figuring upon the bids for some $1,500,000 worth of coal cars, and this order probably will be placed this week.
[I'm not sure what is meant by, "...reports which have been printed up the road...." unless it refers to reports, or rumors, in some on-line newspapers.]

Gordon Hamilton
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