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Jim: The Peavine is operating but only as a branch line with a local upon
it about twice a week. The line is cut off- gravel pilled over the track at
the east end of Peebles Siding (MPC74-ish). A local T-51 operates out of
Sharon Yard (mostly) in Sahronville Ohio outside of Cincinnati on Monday and
Thursday, but a Wednesday run is possible. T51 mainly passes Clare Yard
below Mariemont outside of Cincinnati about 11:00 to as late as 15:00 hrs or
16:00 hours. Sometimes T-51 just delivers cars from Sharon Yard down to
Clare and returns. A terminal local KC07 switches the Bulkmatic Facitly at
Clare Yard on a daily basis (mostly) and goes up to Norwood Yard about twice
a week to deliver or pick up tank cars to/from the tank car refurbish
facility there- kinda-sorta Monday and Friday. It can get to Clare around
08:00 hrs or about 11:00 hrs. It will pick up a shaggy ex-Southern caboose
in a nasty paint scheme up by the metal warehouse in Clare yard if it is
going up to Norwood.

The Peavine has no longer any business at the Ford transmission plant at
Afton nor at the Georgia Pacific paperboard plant there. There is only
grain business at Winchester and wood wholesaling at Peebles where railroad
ties are loaded into old hopper cars or bulkhead flats. Thus, the line only
travels in an eastward direction to either of those locations. The line is
cut east of Peebles but the track and old signals stand over to Vera
Junction near Portsmouth.

To chase/trace follow US 52 to the west side of the Scioto River at
Portsmouth, go north on Ohio 104 to Ohio 73 thence up to Ohio 32 at Peebles.
Follow Ohio 32 over to Batavia the on to Cincinnati. A whole bunch of side
roads can/will take you closer to the tracks; use your Delorme atlas for

Gary Rolih

Cincinnati, OH


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Hi Group,

A few weeks back, someone posted info on what was left on the old Cincinnati
District. At the time I read it with interest, but deleted it. Now, after
talking to my brother, he might be interested in exploring this line during
our annual trip in a few months. Is there anyway to retrieve past postings
for this group? If not, could the person who sent the info, please repost
it? I would greatly appreciate it.


Jim Mihalek

Lakeville, MN

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