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I have the drawing that describes the various classes of trucks for cars and tenders. There were six classes of trucks used in "High Speed Freight" service. They were:

Class Type Used on
T-74 Young, Buckeye B-4 Box cars
T-75 Barrett Whitehead B-5 "
T-76 Nat'l Malleable Type B B-5 "
T-77 Buckeye All Service B-5 "
T-78 Allied Full Cushion B-5 " , Ef
T-79 Young, Buckeye G-3 Mill type Gondola

Of the six classes, four were used on the B-5's.

My drawing's last revision date is 11-11-53 and it lists only two other classes of trucks being used under the B-5 Box cars. They are T-41b and T-71 as of that date.

Hope this helps.

Bud Jeffries
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I meant to look this up at the Archives...
If it helps, B5 48000-48999 were built with N&W class T41b, T61 and T75, T76, or T77 trucks, 49500-49999 all had N&W T71 class trucks.

I'm gonna swag that those T75-76-77 trucks are the ones you're looking at... they were only found under those B5s on N&Ws roster.
Next session I'll try to look up exactly how many and what numbers... if I don't get sidetracked... again...
Robb Fisher


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