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The second item blurred in the newspaper article is G.M Hyams. Godfrey M. Hyams was a Boston banker (New York from about 1911), who served on the Virginian's Board of Directors (and on the Executive Committee for many years) from 1910 until his death in October 1927.

Jeff Sanders
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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 2, 1909

Regular Service Between Norfolk and Roanoke Will be Inaugurated on the 11th Instant

Roanoke World: Chief Engineer Fernstrom, Superintendent George Reith and Road Master T. A. Jones and M. Anderson of the Virginian arrived here on a special train yesterday morning and returned to the city by the sea last night.
"We are just looking over the road," said Mr. Reith, "preparatory to arranging our passenger service. We will begin on February 15, to run regular passenger trains between Norfolk and Roanoke. The trains will be fully equipped. They will leave Norfolk at 10 a. m. and arrive in Roanoke at 8:45* p. m.; leave Roanoke at 7 a.m. and arrive in Norfolk at 6:30 p. m."
Superintendent Reith and the road masters stated that the eastern part of the road from Norfolk to Roanoke was in fine shape.
The first coal train will arrive here on Wednesday and freight is now being carried daily by accommodation trains.
It will probably be two weeks longer before regular passenger service is established west of here on account of the lack of equipment.
The train that came up yesterday was made up of a Deepwater engine, a Deepwater freight car and the Virginian special.
The regular annual meetings of the stockholders of the Virginian Railway Company, James Clarke, secretary; owners of the Virginian Railway, and of the Virginia Terminal Railway Company, George M. Payne, secretary; owners of the terminal properties of the aforementioned railway, were held in Norfolk Saturday.
The directors of the Virginian who were re-elected are Messrs. Henry H. Rogers, Henry H. Rogers, Jr., Urban H. Broughten, F. Q. Brown, O. M. Myans*, F. C. Uhlman and Raymond DuPuy. Mr. DuPuy is vice president and general manager of the road.

Gordon Hamilton
[*two items were blurred on microfilm. Best interpretation shown.]


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