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Thanks for this information, as it answers a question I had about how long the silver paint lasted. Yes, the photo is earlier than 1944 - possibly as early as late 1941. The J pulling the train dates it as no earlier than October 1941. Jim Nichols
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Don Yelverton

Email from Frank Greene, Memphis, Tenn., 2/1/09

The Pullman Project database lists the following painted "Southern Streamline Colors" in 1941:

Plan 3410G (12 Sections - 1 Drawing Room)

Brentwood (repainted Pullman std. 1944, Southern green 1955)
Dahlonega (repainted Pullman std. 1944)
Knickerbocker (repainted Pullman std. 1944, Southern Shadowline 1949, 1953)
Puritan (repainted Pullman std. - no date)

Plan 3411E (10 Sections - 3 Double Bedrooms)

Villa Nova (repainted Pullman std. 1943, Southern 1954)
Villa Heights (repainted Pullman std. 1944)

Therefore, I suggest the photo was taken before 1944, and the car is either Villa Nova or Villa Heights (the windows, left to right are men's toilet room, sink - the small window, smoking lounge.- the double window, 3 bedrooms - single windows, 10 sections - 5 double windows, aisle - the last double window).


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