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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 19, 1909

Chamber of Commerce Making an Effort to Have Them Replaced--Wrongly Used in Past

There have been a great many complaints since the mail boxes at the passenger station were removed and the chamber of commerce has taken the matter up with the postoffice department, through Postmaster Shott, in an effort to have them replaced. It is hoped that if they are successful, the use of these boxes will not be abused as it has been in the past, which was the cause of their removal. Such mail only should be put in these boxes as is gotten ready for mailing after the mail for any given train has been made up at the postoffice, as the mail is only removed from these boxes by the railway postal clerks, who complained that more mail was put in them than they had time to work.
The traffic committee of the chamber of commerce has also been requested to take up with the railway company the matter of keeping a ticket agent at the depot at all reasonable hours of the day, in order to avoid the rush for tickets and information at the ticket window a few minutes before the departure of trains. The chamber of commerce should be commended for taking these steps in the interest of the public, which it is hoped may prove successful.
[In my early days in Roanoke I would frequently write a letter in the evening to my mother in Bluefield and take the letter to the Roanoke station to mail on No. 3 at about 7:50 P.M. If I were there at train time, I would insert the letter in the mail slot on the side of the RPO car. Otherwise, I would deposit it in the mail box on the platform. In either case, she would receive the letter the next day.]

Gordon Hamilton
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