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Sat Feb 7 16:00:00 EST 2009

Due to health considerations and other reasons, Bob Hundman has
resigned as editor of The Arrrow. We want to thank Bob for his
service and contributions as editor of our magazine. Bob has promised
to remain involved with NWHS and contribute to The Arrow and the
Society where he is able. We offer Bob best wishes and prayers for the future.

The next issue of The Arrow was just sent to the printers. We should
be seeing it in our mail boxes late next month.

Being such a big and important job within the Society, we have
decided to divide the position of editor for The Arrow. So I am
pleased to announce that Laura Hughes has accepted the position as
Historical Editor and Jim Brewer has accepted the position as
Modeling Editor for The Arrow.

Laura has been associated with the Society for many years as her late
husband George Hughes was an early board member of the Society and
they both were regular attendees and helpers at the annual conventions.

Jim Brewer is a past members of the board, former publications
chairman, and past editor of the NWHS Newsletter. Jim oversaw the
transition of the newsletter into a magazine we know today as "The
Arrow". He edited the first issues of The Arrow before Jarrell
Greever stepped forward as editor.

As their titles suggest, Laura will focus on the historical articles
in the Arrow and Jim will focus on modeling topics. I am hopeful that
this will ensure we have a balance of articles for our magazine and
also divide a big job into something both editors can fit into their
busy lives.

Both editors are looking for authors and articles for publication in
The Arrow. If you've been thinking about writing an article or want
to know what you can do to help, you can e-mail Laura at
<heditor at> or Jim at <meditor at>.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating our new editors of The Arrow!

Ron Davis

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