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Hi Joe:
I don't see any repllies to your e-mail however my INBOX has been jammed due to overload. That taken care of, I'm forwarding your e-mail to the VGN (Virginian) group that Mr. Lewis reads (if it is the same Mr. Lewis).
Charlie Long
Lynchburg, VA
N&W HS Modeling Committee

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>In a TRAINS article in June of 1984 (Abingdon Branch Accolade) author

>Lloyd D. Lewis mentions that a Gibson P. Vance, Jr. started taking

>photos along the Abingdon branch starting in 1937. Some of the photos

>in the article were credited to Mr. Vance but as part of a collection

>by Mr. Lewis.


>Does anyone on this list know Mr. Lewis and/or how to contact him?



>Joe Giannovario


>O Scale Trains Magazine





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