Damascus & White Top depots

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This link to a trail map site has a photo form 56 or 57 which may be of some
assistance. http://www.vacreepertrail.com/forestservice/whitetop.htm The
forest service may have some other photos which they will share. I know a
lot of work went into the reconstructed station at the site, they may even
have some original documents used to guide them in their rebuilding.

R.D. Williams

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Subject: Damascus & White Top depots

I am looking for photographs of the Damascus and White Top depots from ANY
time period. I have copies of the photos from VA Tech Archives and most
all the photos published in magazines. I even scoured the OWL online
archives. However, there are no good photos of the fronts of these depots.

The "best" photo so far is the one taken at Damascus by Tony Koester in
1975 and published in RMC. I have been in contact with Mr. Koester and he
did not take a photo from the front since he was not interested in
building a model based on the branch.

>From the photos available I have scaled the ends of Damascus and White

top. I have also scaled the length of White top-approximately. I'm at a
loss to guess the length of Damascus. What surprises me is that there is
so little information about one of the most famous and most-photographed
branches of the N&W. Surely someone took photos of these depots.

So, please scour your archives and if you have a photo that shows the
front of either of these depots, I will buy a copy from you. A drawing or
plan would be even better. And, no, the NWHS archive does not have
drawings or photos.

You may contact me here: jag - at - oscalemag -dot-com.


Joe Giannovario
Publisher/O Scale Trains Magazine

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