White Top Station

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> This link to a trail map site has a photo form 56 or 57 which may

> be of some

> assistance. http://www.vacreepertrail.com/forestservice/

> whitetop.htm The

> forest service may have some other photos which they will share. I

> know a

> lot of work went into the reconstructed station at the site, they

> may even

> have some original documents used to guide them in their rebuilding.


> R.D. Williams

Mr. Williams,
I am aware of that site and have examined the photos there. The photo
at the top of the page shows 24 battens on the side and two windows.
The photo from the VA Tech archives shows 21 battens and one window.
Your suggestion that the Forest Service may have photos is well-
taken. Thank you for that lead.

Joe Giannovario

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