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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
May 18, 1909

Six Track Span to be Built Across Lower End of East Yards in Concert With New County Road

President Johnson, of the Norfolk and Western has decided to build the third bridge over the tracks in the east end. This matter has been under discussion for some time. The chamber of commerce had a committee in charge of the matter and in other ways it had been urged upon the railroad officials. Several months ago it was announced that the railroad company would not construct the bridge. W. H. Coffman, of the chamber of commerce committee, had an interview with Mr. Johnson and was told that the company would bear 60 per cent of the cost. The matter was again urged and Mr. Johnson visited the site of the proposed bridge. On last Saturday he notified Mr. Coffman that the company would construct a bridge to span as many as six tracks, provided the county would build the abutments and make the approaching fills. A part of this work is covered in the contract for the new low-grade road now under construction. The piers will have to be built independent of the contract. This bridge will cross the railroad about a quarter mile east of the lower bridge and be used to connect east Princeton avenue with the new county road. With its confirmation the Bluefield yards will be spanned by five overhead bridges.
[The present three bridges over the tracks in the east end yard are west to east: Allen St. bridge, Harding St. bridge, and 3/4 mile farther, the Old Princeton road bridge. Apparently the "third bridge" mentioned in this article was on the location of the current replacement Old Princeton road bridge, but what was the bridge about a quarter mile west of that?]

Gordon Hamilton
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