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The theory that I had heard was that the N&W expected that at some point in time that the route over Clark's Gap would become cost in-effective and that an alternate route for EB's would be needed. Additionally, during the rebuild/upgrade of the line btw Deepwater and Elmore in the 2000's the expected traffic off of the ex-CR would also cause early bridge fatigue on a couple of the bridges between Princeton and Kellysville and that NS wasn't trying to figure out financing the replacement of said bridges, since they had an escape route.

I don't know how much of this is true, but it is rumor that I've heard.


Russ Goodwin

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Wasn't there something about a bridge needing to be built or replaced? Ron H

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Does anyone know why the Bluestone Extension has been abandoned in place? It looks like a railroad that time forgot?

And, it looks like a good place to run short line excursion trains too! (After replacing umpteen thousand ties of course.)

Ben Blevins

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