W2 reference help needed

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IN "N&W Giant of Steam" by Jeffries page 94 states the At least seventeen
were equipped with Baker valve gear and 9 got Schmidt super heaters. Sorry I
do not have the spotting features down to id Baker gear vs. others. The
Jeffries book has at least 4 photos of W2's with one, the 788 having a
decidedly different arrangement than the others.

R.D. Williams

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I just bought a brass W2 from NWSL at the Timonium Train Show this
past weekend. It has the Baker valve gear.

I looked through the Prince book looking for any note on which ones
were fitted with Baker valve gear, but no dice.
Is there any reference for that info other than digging through
photos? No sense putting an incorrect number on it.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930's

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