Shenandoah Division dispatchers and operators

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"but Shenandoah Division's Chief was also a Fitzgerald.
I've forgotten his first name. Here was a man that
followed the philosophy "you gotta know the territory".
Yes, he could have done his job without ever leaving
his office in the freight station, but every year, he
spent his money and a week of vacation riding the
locals to keep himself acclimated to the changes on
the division."

John Fitzgerald was the Shenandoah Div. Chief Disp. along with Phillip Newton. John was the only Fitz' that I knew that was in the Agt/Disp. ranks.
The Ramsey family was quite prominate on the Shen. Div. Luther was a Shen. dispatcher, Melvin was the agent at Waynesboro and their father Bill was an engineer.
Ed Nuckles was a dispatcher. M.C. "Swede" Erikson was Yardmaster at Waynesboro. Troy Humphries worked all over, Troutville & Buena Vista is where I remember him mostly. Johnny Mathews was at Glasgow. There was a Patterson at Cloverdale, but, I can't remember his first name. Charlie Patesell, Roy Dale Karnes & Roy Lee Campbell were yardmasters at Shenandoah.
I'm sure that I have left out quite a few whose names escape me at the moment.

Jimmy Lisle
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