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On the Shenandoah Division subject, does anyone have a Senority list of
Engineers, Fireman, Conductor and Brakemen, from the early 1930s up to
early mid 50s? anything would be a help. I am asking because I am told
that my grandmother had Family that worked between Roanoke and
Shenandoah, at least one Uncle and a Cousin. But I think there were more
then just that. The Uncle I know was in engine service, and the Cousin
in train service.


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> *There were several Fitzgeralds on the N&W. As I recall,

> one was Chief Dispatcher on the Norfolk Division, but

> Shenandoah Division's Chief was also a Fitzgerald.

> I've forgotten his first name. Here was a man that

> followed the philosophy "you gotta know the territory".

> Yes, he could have done his job without ever leaving

> his office in the freight station, but every year, he

> spent his money and a week of vacation riding the

> locals to keep himself acclimated to the changes on

> the division.

> Harry Bundy

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