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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 1, 1909

Report That Link Will be Extended From Charleston Believed to Have Substantial Foundation

While it comes from an unofficial source, there are many people in Bluefield who believe the report that the Virginian is going to build from Charleston to Parkersburg has a substantial foundation in fact. It is freely talked in railroad circles of the city, and those who claim to be in touch with the situation readily admit the feasibility of the enterprise.
The Virginian is handicapped to a greater or less extent for lack of a western outlet. Negotiations were once opened for the acquisition of the Kanawha & Michigan, but these failed to materialize. If a road should be built to Parkersburg it will not only give the company direct connection with the western freight centers, but it will give it a shorter route to the Great Lakes for the coal trade. The Virginian has a traffic arrangement with the Chesapeake & Ohio, and at present uses its tracks for its passenger trains between Deepwater, the terminus of the road, and St. Albans. According to the report if the new line is built this arrangement will be continued, and the Chesapeake & Ohio tracks will be used between Deepwater and Charleston for general freight and coal haulage. Nothing definite or official, however, can be learned upon the subject at this time.
[Who's to say that this wasn't at least discussed by Virginian officials in private, but without leaving any written record, and leaked out? Or, was this just another rumor passed on too readily by a newspaper reporter in a railroad town?]

Gordon Hamilton
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