Trains on the Pokey today

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The locomotives were not built from scratch to a Norfolk Southern specification as NS ES40DCs 7500 to 7719 were. They were built from a bill of materials used to build CSX ES44ACs # 700 to 949. Several of the changes from the CSX configuration that NS desired were added during production including standard trucks and high headlight position. Because of the time constraint during production, each NS ES44AC has returned to Erie once to receive the remaining NS unique features including ECP (Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake) and rear end ditch lights that operate in standard NS configuration.

Tom Hoover
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> The 24 Norfolk Southern ES44ACs do not have CTE software. The CTE feature you describe is used on Union Pacific AC4400CWs. In order to reduce the tractive effort to levels safe for manifest trains, NS pusher crews on ES44ACs are instructed to cut out axles to match the maximum number of powered axles for that train.
> Tom Hoover
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That's good to know... thanks for the correct info. You wouldn't happen to know why they keep getting cycled back to Erie would you?
Robb Fisher

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