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There's no mention of that branch in the revised version of the N&W passenger service book, and the timetable listings don't provide any insight beyond the cars most likely not being air-conditioned. N&W was fond of combines on their branch line trains, so one of those cars would be a safe bet. A train like that would almost certainly be the primary delivery method for mail, so a combine or baggage/express car of some sort would be in the consist. I don't see where any of the timetables I have make any indication as to which trains were mixed, so you can't rule out that possibility. During the 1940's, the numbers of E's vs M's were pretty even, so both are good candidates.
Do you know what the route profile was like? If there were steep grades, an E2 is more likely, even on a short train. Also, do you know what businesses were along the branch? If traffic was light, it increases the odds of it being a mixed train.
Marty Flick

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Saw reference on the modeling list to class E being used for passenger service on the Bluestone branch. Does anybody know what motive power and/or passenger cars was used on the Northfork Branch (Northfork to Crumpler). I'd like this information from any time period, but particularly interested in the 1940's through end of service.
Jim Cochran

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