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Thank you very much for the information on the North Fork branch passenger
ops. I am also interested in the mine runs and operations Byrd/Eckman. My
paternal grandfather was a motorman at Zenith and lived in Crumpler. My
Mom's family lived at McDowell worked Greenbriar. (One of these years) I'd
like to model this area in some detail and would appreciate any/all
information you can provide.
Thanks again,
Jim Cochran

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>I understand only E2a's were used on the Bluestone passenger run, but an M

> (#421) was used on the Bluestone Shifter. E2a's were also used on the Tug

> and Dry Fork passenger runs, but M #396 or #439 was used on the North Fork

> Hollow passenger run. Equipment on the North Fork run was one coach and a

> baggage/coach. Two round trips a day (previously five), three on

> Saturday,

> they pulled up the branch to Crumpler, running around the train at Coach

> Siding and backed out. Kids rode to school in North Fork on a pass for $2

> a month. Towards the end anyway, the extent of mixed traffic was a 50-ton

> gon of sand every Monday to Cherokee that was shoved ahead of the engine.

> The crew worked out of Eckman where the equipment was serviced (including

> waste rubs every night). Between runs up the Hollow, the job worked

> Keystone with empties out of Byrd Yard (no pulling loads!). The run got

> pulled in 1950 when Eckman closed.


> Grant Carpenter


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>> Hi,

>> Saw reference on the modeling list to class E being used for passenger

> service on the Bluestone branch. Does anybody know what motive power

> and/or passenger cars was used on the Northfork Branch (Northfork to

> Crumpler). I'd like this information from any time period, but

> particularly interested in the 1940's through end of service.

>> Thanks,

>> Jim Cochran


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