New Traffic through Jonesborough TN - Crescent Line

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I heard Roanoke tell track maintenance that 25N westbound (the daily
auto-rack train) would be coming through so was also surprised to see
all the UPS trailers on flatcars when it went by 396.8 as seen in this

Mike Pierry, Jr.

See images at following:

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This morning July 28, about nine am an inspection train went
through Jonesborough TN headed west. The last car had a full glass pane
for observing the track as they went west.

Chatter on the scanner was different today, more information was
given to each train, where they would be waiting, and the time of
waits. Can?t recall the exact data but it was much more than any other
day for the last two years.

This evening about 7 pm a different train than usual went west. 98
% trailers on flat cars. And a couple of 40 foot boxes. Half of the
trailers were marked with ?UPS?. We have never seen a train of almost
all trailers on flat cars.

Most of the trailers were set on cars only good for trailers. They
had slots for the wheels and a fifth wheel for holding the trailer to
the car.

Does anyone have any information as to just what is going on?


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