New Traffic through Jonesborough TN - Crescent Line

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Wed Jul 29 21:26:39 EDT 2009

My son-in-law lives in Jonesborough, Tn -- but where does the Crescent Line
run to and from? Is it part of old V&SW? Thanks,

Dale W. Diacont

> This morning July 28, about nine am an inspection train went through

> Jonesborough TN headed west. The last car had a full glass pane for

> observing the track as they went west.


> Chatter on the scanner was different today, more information was given to

> each train, where they would be waiting, and the time of waits. Can't

> recall the exact data but it was much more than any other day for the last

> two years.


> This evening about 7 pm a different train than usual went west. 98 %

> trailers on flat cars. And a couple of 40 foot boxes. Half of the trailers

> were marked with "UPS". We have never seen a train of almost all trailers

> on flat cars.


> Most of the trailers were set on cars only good for trailers. They had

> slots for the wheels and a fifth wheel for holding the trailer to the car.


> Does anyone have any information as to just what is going on?


> Pete

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